Talmud Torah Tishrei Sponsor: Jerry & Sora Wolasky in the zechus of a refuah sheleimah for Zecharya Dov ben Perel Shira.
Talmud Torah Tishrei Sponsor: Avraham & Shaindy Kelman in memory of their beloved parents and in the zechus of all those who need a refuah sheleimah.
Talmud Torah Tishrei Sponsor: Dr. Linda Weinberg in commemoration of the 3rd yahrzeit of her husband of 53 years, Dr Paul Weinberg z'l, פרץ משה בן אברם דוד.
Talmud Torah Tishrei Sponsor: Selma Woolf with immense gratitude to Hashem and with teffilos for health for all in the new year.
Talmud Torah Tishrei Sponsor: Leah Sol as a zechus for a refuah sheleimah for her daughter, Ilana bas Esther, and for all those in need of yeshuos.
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If every man and woman of our Kehilla commits to the pledge, imagine what a difference we can make in our families, community, and IYH beyond. And for those who are not members of our kehilla, we encourage and welcome you to take part and sign on to the Civility Pledge.