We are the custodians of an ancient treasure known as the “Mesorah” (Tradition). This Mesorah represents who we are, what we stand for and the belief system we hold so dear. This Mesorah is comprised of our traditions, customs and most importantly, our Torah. The beauty of our Torah lies in the fact that it contains the blueprint for successful and meaningful living for every Jew in every life situation. However, this life-meaning and applicability is not always immediately apparent. It is only through systematic, comprehensive, intellectually stimulating, text-based learning that the lessons of the Torah become contemporarily relevant.

The Institute was founded as the educational arm of Suburban Orthodox Congregation in Baltimore, Maryland.  Through our virtual classroom and easy to navigate website we have become a learning portal for individuals across the globe.


To provide inspiring and intellectually-invigorating Torah learning to all levels of learners. Through courses, classes and lectures, participant learners will increase their knowledge base, and feel a greater sense of connection to and meaning within our rich tradition.


The Institute for Jewish Continuity welcomes students and participants of any race, color, and national or ethnic origin.